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Calling ALL Talent!

Do You Want INSANE Amounts Of Auditions 
AND Opportunities?

Calling ALL Talent!

Do You Want INSANE Amounts Of Auditions 
AND Opportunities?

YOU HAVE The Talent, But WHERE DO YOU GO To Find Opportunities?

This is a message for every Model, Actor, Singer, Dancer and Performer who wants to book their DREAM job.

Hi, I’m Rich and I am the CEO of The Audition Connection Talent Casting Database and I have an AMAZING team that find, verify and offer the best casting opportunities for you! 

So far, we've posted over 80,000 Opportunities nationwide.
Our talent have booked THOUSANDS of projects over 11 years... Here's just a few!
Paul Mitchell
Stranger Things
Cobra Kai
First Wives Club
Youtube series " Across The Canvas"
Film " Devotion"
Food Network Kids Baking Championship
Disney Test Track
Mob Series
Series " Step Up"
Film " Switched Before Birth" Lifetime Channel
Series " Naomi"
BET Tales " Act Up"
Film " Someday at Christmas"
Series " Games People Play"
Film " Are you there God, It's me Margaret"
Music Videos
Film " Christmas Deja Vu"
Step Up Highwaters
Series " The First Lady"
Star Wars Fan Movie
Film "Lone Star Bull"
Chrisley Knows Best
Series "Woke"
Series " Strangers"
Series " Our Kind of People"
Series " Staircase"
Film " Coins Forever"
Series " The Summer I Turned Pretty"
Nickelodeon Music Series
Film " A Gospel Christmas"
Series " Florida Man"
Series " P Valley"
Film " Emmett Till"
"Supermarket Stakeout"
"Family Feud"
Film " Samson"
Film " Stalker"
Film " Lyle Lyle Crocodile"
Disney Holiday Special
Film " Somethin' Here"
Film " Boys of Summer"
Series " Saints & Sinners"
Series " George & Tammy"
Film " 3 Days Ago"
Film " Harold and the Purple Crayon"
Series " Johnson"
Kanye W Audience Recording Performance
Series " The Innocent"
Film " Roadtrip"
Series " Walker"
Series " The Wonder Years"
Film " Sounds of Christmas"
Musical " The Color Purple"
Film "Brownie"
Series "Sistas"
Series " Heels"
Series " Panhandle"
Sitcom " The Ms. Pat Show"
St Augustine Travel
Georgia Aquarium
Korean Tourism Commercial
Series " Teen Wolf"
Film " Never Would Have Made It"
Mini Series " Daisy Jones and the Six"
Series " Fantasy Football"
Series " The Chosen"
Pilot " Found"
Veterinary Medical Grade Video
WAHL men's haircare
Series " Snap"
Series " Yellow"
Series " Hightown"
Duke Energy
Series " All the Queens Men"
Series " The Crossover"
Series " Houston" 
Venus Swimwear fit models & commercials
Disney Springs
Best Bet Poker
Golden Pixels
One Upon A Time
Wet N Wild
Volcano Bay
Red Tulip Boutique
Just Pretend Kids
Film "Uninvited Guest"
Arrojo Hair Shows
 Disney print
Scruples Hair
Film "Nothing More"
Perfectly Posh
Film " Carwash"
" Bigger" series
Royal Pacific Resort
Film " Jewell"
It's Supernatural
Beauty Fashion Hair Shows
Film " Thunderforce"
Series " Dexter Hungry Man"
Series " Boomerang S2"

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to
know about finding the right opportunities!
In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now:
YOU HAVE the talent, but WHERE
DO YOU GO to find opportunities?
But that's not the end of the problem.
It actually gets worse!  Why?
Because talent that do know where to go are getting opportunities, and you are not!
Which means that you're losing time and MAJOR opportunities.

Worst of all, most Models, Actors, Singers, Dancers AND Specialty Performers can't get past the idea that getting auditions are "hard" and "out of reach" for talent.

But Luckily for you there's now a SOLUTION to Your Problem!

But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you...

How my obsession with finding opportunities

created a life changing career!

There I was, an aspiring teen model and actor from a small town in Georgia with no opportunities

I knew in order to make my dreams a reality, somehow, I needed to meet all the right people, figure out how to make connections, and to learn how to get auditions and opportunities on my own!

I had no idea where to start, and internet was not yet born. I struggled with making phone call after phone call, and sending handwritten letters, because I had no money to travel to find out what I needed to do to make the first step in my career a reality.
The thing is, I was losing precious time and not excelling as fast as I knew I should be in my career.
The big problem was that even after I made phone call after phone call, and sent in all my handwritten letters, I STILL had no idea on how to start my pursuing my dream. 

That meant suddenly my dreams were no longer an option... which meant I lost time, money and still had no clue where to find verified opportunities.

So, I decided to become a talent agent where I could learn all aspects of the industry, and I found that I still struggled with finding an easy way to provide the right opportunities for the talent I was representing, and provide them in a timely manner.
After years of struggling, I created my own fool proof, easy database and audition app, to help my talent find the right opportunities! I no longer needed to struggle to meet deadlines and to offer opportunities easily for me or for my talent!

Instantly, it became crystal clear to me how to quickly submit talent for projects, auditions and castings without traveling the globe, without the fear of talent losing their day job, and without spending a fortune, because I saw I truly knew how to help talent from all over the globe to submit quickly and easily to projects and auditions without spending a fortune and losing precious time.

My plan was to start creating a platform where talent can securely login to see opportunities.

I started researching auditions and I asked everyone I knew that struggled before me, what they would do differently now if they could start over. 

But we didn’t stop there.
After years of research, I connected a vast network of agents, casting directors, production houses & managers. 
Out of this network blossomed an EXCLUSIVE, MEMBERS ONLY platform, where YOU can login on your phone and submit to opportunities 24/7 from anywhere, anytime!

After that, we built an AMAZING auditions app so that you have access 24/7.

Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You could land your DREAM BOOKING?

In the end, we were able to make an easy platform for you to submit yourself to THOUSANDS of Opportunities each year! 

We've done all the work for you.

Building on that success, we decided to offer our app and service to talent NATIONWIDE to bring YOU even more OPPORTUNITIES.

We call it “The Audition Connection”

With The Audition Connection, I can now say that we've helped over 10,000 talent, and we've shared over 80,000 castings in 10 years!

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

The Audition Connection Talent & Castings Database Helps You:

Submit right from your PHONE from your HOME 24/7
which means you'll never miss an opportunity! Plus...


Book your entertainment DREAM career, which means you'll reach your goals faster.


Upload ALL of your content in one place, which means clients can access your work and speciality!


Update UNLIMITED content online, which means you can stay updated and ready for opportunities ANYTIME & ANYWHERE!


Make CONNECTIONS, which means you'll build your rolodex of industry professionals that book talent everyday!

AND BEST OF ALL... You'll start seeing auditions and opportunities with "The Audition Connection Talent & Castings Database" within 24 hours and it is ONLY .55 cents a day for VIP Access to reach your DREAM GOALS.

If this is your dream, then it will be easy for you to make this a priority! After all, it’s one less drive thru burger, or one less Starbucks a week! 

So again, if you're a talent wanting your dream castings and auditions, understand this:

  • New Castings and Auditions close out every 24 hours!
  • ​You could be missing your dream opportunity!
  • It's too late to lose another day of auditions and bookings!

So, here's what I've got for you today...

If you're a Model, Actor, Singer, Dancer or Specialty Performer who really wants to book their DREAM job, here's the solution you've been looking for.

VIP Talent Database & Castings App Access 

Submit To Opportunities 24/7!


VIP Members only database access

($2,500 Value)

VIP Members only app castings access

($500 Value)

Showbusiness Guide

($79 Value)

Exclusive Industry Insider Recipe for Success

($199 Value)

Exclusive Insider Guide to Music Reality Shows

($199 Value)

Monthly Industry webinars

($2,500 Value)


But today, you're getting all of this...

FOR ONLY: $799.00 .55 cents a day!

Here's whats included with our VIP access to The Audition Connection!

Join Our VIP Members Only Site To Gain Access To YOUR DREAM Castings & Auditions!  
This Members only, private database system, is where YOU can submit DAILY to your DREAM Auditions AND Castings! 

This gives you VIP access to upload unlimited photos, reels, demos, and talent experience so clients can view YOU 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week!

This app allows you to view AND submit to nationwide castings AND auditions right from your phone! 

Book your DREAM job without traveling the country or needing resources to meet the right people! 
Access to our MEMBERS only VIP Castings App 
Our VIP talent and castings app is your key to understand the casting and auditioning process for the ultimate booking.

Become familiar with the casting breakdowns and pursue your dream without sending hundreds of talent applications.

Apply, submit, and update your personal database all from your phone 24/7! 

Our app is downloadable from both the Apple and Google Play Stores.
Showbusiness Guide
This industry talent resource gives you the keys to learn more about the entertainment industry! 

With this guide you will be able to maximize your booking potential and walk in an audition room and dominate. 

Learn from the original Holly-wooders who started it all! 

Plus these Exclusive Bonuses

(You can't get anywhere else!)

BONUS #1: Exclusive Industry Insider "Recipe for success" Talent Guide
This industry insider will guide you on how to read the auditions and castings and how to properly submit! 

This guide makes it a snap for you to understand the information in the casting or audition and what it will require you to do to NAIL your audition EVERY TIME, and you can start submitting as soon as TODAY.

We know this guide will empower you with the confidence it takes to succeed in this industry!
BONUS #2: Singers & Performers! The Insider Guide to American Idol style Reality shows! 
Exclusive Secrets to American Idol and Reality Shows

This insider guide will tell you the SECRETS of reality shows, their expectations and how to NAIL your Audition! This powerful resource is your solution to arrive fully prepared and to not get booted from an audition! 

How you can take your talent to the NEXT LEVEL and have the right knowledge on how to walk into almost ANY reality show casting and know what to expect! 
BONUS #3: MONTHLY webinars featuring special celebrities & industry professionals! 
Monthly private webinars tell the secrets of local and national celebrities and how they got started and what obstacles they faced as a new talent! 

These webinars provide understanding of the industry and what clients expectations are, so you can be prepared for any situation, any casting and any audition.

 If you're a talent wanting your dream 
castings & auditions, understand this:

New Castings & Auditions close out every 24 hours!

You could be missing your dream opportunity!

It's too late to lose another day of auditions and bookings!

“When my agent told me about The Audition Connection, I immediately registered and now my agent and I are both crazy with casting opportunities! THANK YOU!

Sandi A. (Chula Vista, CA)

I don't want to see you let another

Opportunity Pass You By!

Get onboard with The Audition Connection Talent and Castings Database Now!

If you're sick and tired of knowing that YOU HAVE the talent, and not knowing WHERE TO GO to find opportunities, then The Audition Connection Talent & Castings Database is the solution you've been looking for... click the button below and get started today!
Here's to your success with auditioning and booking!
Rich Hersey
Cheers to YOUR SUCCESS! 

“Wow, I got my first music gig after being listed with The Audition Connection for only one week. ROCK ON TAC!”

Ron H. (Chicago, IL)

Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase our VIP Access! 

VIP Members only database access

($2,500 Value)

VIP Members only app castings access

($500 Value)

Showbusiness Guide

($79 Value)

Exclusive Industry Insider Recipe for Success

($199 Value)

Exclusive Insider Guide to Music Reality Shows

($199 Value)

Monthly Industry webinars

($2,500 Value)

Total Value


But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only  
.55 cents a day!




I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU. I’m closer to LA than many people but I wasn’t receiving many castings. When my agent told me about The Audition Connection, I immediately registered and my agent and I are both crazy with castings. Thank you.
Sandi A. (Chula Vista, CA)

I got my first music gig!

Wow, I got my first music gig after being listed with The Audition Connection for only one week. ROCK ON THE AUDITION CONNECTION!
Ron H. (Chicago, IL)

Signed to work with Universal Studios!

Who would ever have thought I would be signed to work with Universal Studios coming from Sydney. Forever grateful to my mates at The Audition Connection!
David D. (Sydney, Australia)

You found our new bass player!

Thank you for helping us find our new bass player and the bookings.
Bobby S. (Boise, Id)

You made my son's dream come true!

My son has always wanted to be on a Disney commercial. Thank you for making his dream come true & giving small town families opportunities.
Mother of John J. (Baxley, GA)

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